Firm Profile

Like many of our clients, Canwest Tax and Business Consultants Inc. started small. For a number of years, our founders watched other accounting firms overlook local businesses in favour of large corporations. Despite this trend, Canwest's founders saw the potential of these small businesses and recognized their need for genuine and accessible corporate tax services. In 2001, Canwest was formed with the vision of giving small businesses the same professional and top-notch service that larger corporations were given. Within a matter of months, our founders began working hard to offer clients a variety of services with the utmost integrity and knowledge.

Since then, Canwest has grown, but we continue to provide exceptional service to the same clientele that helped us establish our position in the industry. Our team endeavours to provide small businesses in the Edmonton area with the guidance they need, specifically tailored to each client for growth and success.

How we make a difference

We know the demands of a small business, and we know that you may not always have the time to make sense of business management requirements. The Canwest team aims to provide you effective guidance behind the scenes so that you can concentrate on running the frontlines of your business. Our knowledgeable team takes the pressure off you by continually looking for the most effective ways to improve your business and its operations. Let us guide you towards success by providing you with effective corporate tax and business solutions.